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Business line

Detavi Company Limited is one of the leading importers and distributors of foodstuff in the Republic of Belarus.

The basic lines of our business are:

  • Importing of nuts, dried fruits and edible seeds on the basis of direct agreements with growers and manufacturers;
  • Distribution of leading foreign and domestic confectionery, grocery and snack brands in the territory of Belarus;
  • Supplying raw materials and ingredients to confectionaries, bakeries, dairy products and food-concentrates manufacturers;
  • Dried fruits, nuts and seeds processing, prepacking and selling under own brand “Bely Pelikan”.

We have stable partnership relations with suppliers from over 20 countries including Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Thailand, USA, Argentina, Chile, India and others.

We constantly offer our customers more than 1,000 items from foreign and domestic companies.

We cooperate fruitfully with the leading retail chains in Belarus, e.g. «Korona», «Gippo», «Belmarket Company», «Green», «Santa», «Vitalur», «Almi», «Sosedi», «Eurotorg», «Prostore»..

We supply manufacturers with nuts, dried fruits, sugared fruits, seeds, palm oil, fructose, sorbite, syrup, glucose syrup solution, etc. Our ingredients are used by the leaders of the Belarusian food market: “Spartak”, “Kommunarka”, “Krasny Pishchevick”, “Slodych”, “Santa Bremor”, “Minskkhlebprom” .

Since 2004, we have been producing and offering nuts, dried fruits, mixes and snacks to Belarusian customers under our own trademark “Bely Pelikan”.

Today “Bely Pelikan” brand means:

  • 50 items in the product line,
  • 8 packing types,
  • two-time winner in the consumers preferences competition “Product of the Year”,
  • customers’ recognition.

The basic principle of “Bely Pelikan” is not to save on quality. It means that we use first-rate raw materials, modern equipment, high production standards, and highly qualified staff.