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Deliveries from
20 countries
on 3 continents,
2,000 customers
in 118 regions of Belarus,
1,000 items constantly
in assortment,
own production facilities,
10 registered trademarks
120 qualified employees,
50 persons trading staff,
100% documentary
accompaniment of
guaranteed quality of goods,
“today for tomorrow”
delivery to any
point in Belarus
branches in all
regional centers,
presence in
regions of Belarus,
cooperation with
enterprises of all formats,
raw material supplying
to all types of manufacturers,
special offers
for new clients,
electronic documents
are widely used,
on-line sales
25 years in the market
100% increase
in countries-suppliers
for last 3 years,
200% increase
in the number of employees,
300% increase
in the client base over
the last 5 years,
500% increase
in turnover,
1700% increase
in own capital,
100… new ideas are waiting
to be implemented
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